Tom Felton Merch T Shirt
The sustainable clothing shop features hoodies with colourful animations of Felton and his dog, Willow, on them
Harry Potter's Tom Felton has launched a sustainable clothing line and online shop with designs on hoodies and T-Shirts featuring his much-loved dog, and rising Instagram star, Willow.

Felton, who was born in Epsom and spent part of his school days at Howard of Effingham School, officially launched his merchandise store on Sunday (September 5).

There was a frenzy of excitement on social media with people across the world sharing photos of their purchases, including jumpers reading 'Tom Felton is my BFF' and T-Shirts with the words 'The Willow Fan Club' on them.
But those in Mexico were devastated to find out his shop doesn't ship there yet.

Twitter user @latereescalante wrote: "Hello Tom Felton. I can not order in Mexico because I do not get the shipping option, there are 82 countries but Mexico does not appear. Help daughter crying she wait all day for this!!"

Another commented: "I don't know why Mexico is not an option."

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