Boycott Wicked Clothes

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BOB CHAPEK’S career was a ride at Disneyland, the climb to the top would take 28 years, and the stomach-churning plunge to the bottom would last just about three days.
The 61-year-old Disney CEO, known among the studio’s rank and file for his deep understanding of the business, no-nonsense demeanor, and unparalleled expertise with systems management—not to mention his kind of adorable resemblance to Felonius Gru, the shiny-headed master thief in Universal’s Despicable Me movies—may well be the unluckiest mogul in Hollywood. 
For starters, he had the misfortune of succeeding Bob Iger, the polished, well-liked, creative-friendly chief executive who reigned over one of the most financially and artistically successful eras in Disney history. Iger’s accomplishments during his 15-year tenure were so staggering—greenlighting monster hit after monster hit, growing the company with a series of brand-expanding acquisitions like Pixar, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, and 20th Century Fox—Chapek really had no place to go but down.
And, boy, does he seem to be going down, cursed by a series of misfortunes graver than anything Maleficent could conjure in her most wicked spells.

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