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It's easier now than at any point in the history of the world for a regular human being to purchase clothing, art, and other tchotchkes emblazoned with the likeness of their favorite movie character, and Shrek is no exception. In the two decades since the very first Shrek movie's release, our consumerist reality has facilitated a veritable onslaught of Shrek-themed merchandise. As part of our Shrek Week festivities, we combed through the darkest recesses of the web to find the best, the weirdest, and the downright grossest stuff out there.
So... Shrek shirts? We got 'em. Shrek shoes? We got those too. A 3D printed mini-Shrek to screw on to your toothpaste tube to spice up your morning/night routine? You're not gonna believe this.
It's difficult to find the origin of Shrek Daddy memes. (Is it actually or do I just not want to go into that corner of the internet? You choose.) However, if you want "Shrek Daddy" merch, it is there for you. Is "Daddy" with Shrek ears cheeky and innocent? Or is it another perversion of a kids' movie into something much weirder on the internet? A sexualization of an ogre? Perhaps that all depends on who buys this denim Shrek Daddy visor.—Esther Zuckerman
To fill out your Shrek ensemble (shrensemble), look no further than these Shrek leggings (shreggings), printed with a collage of Shrek faces of various sizes endlessly fractaling into oblivion. This is the ideal pattern, because it's not until people get up close and personal that they'll be able to see our favorite swamp dweller's grin.—ES

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