Dachshund Crocs

dachshund colorful pattern sku crocs clog shoes
A dog owner has spent nearly £2,000 on shoes and accessories for her dachshund - and wants to buy even more.

Five-year-old Biscuit has 43 pairs of shoes, 47 pairs of sunglasses as well as a whole wardrobe of colour coordinated clothes with matching hats, wigs and collars.

He has more shoes than his owner Lavi Roz and her fiancé's put together – with Lavi having 19 pairs and her fiancé with 11.
But that's not all as the stylish dog even has a pair of Crocs with Swarovski crystals on them.

However, Lavi doesn't make Biscuit wear his clothes outside - or longer than necessary - as she is doing it all for his social media followers.
Lavi, 32, said: “Biscuit is so patient and gentle, he does whatever I ask him to.

"A video with him wearing shoes takes not more than one minute to make and after that I kiss him and hug him and give him treats.”

Biscuit has gained more than 17,000 Instagram followers thanks to his chic canine style - and has received about 15 million likes on his TikTok videos.

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