Demon Slayer Nezuko Meme

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When Demon Slayer first aired, it didn't take long for fans to single-out their favorite character. Here's why Nezuko is so popular
Not only is Demon Slayer:Kimetsu no Yaiba is considered one of the best anime of 2019, but one of the best adventure fantasy animes of all time. It follows Tanjirou Kamado, whose family was slaughtered by a demon. He manages to rescue his sister, Nezuko, but she has turned into a demon. Tanjirou vows to turn her human again and avenge the demon responsible. Subsequently, he joins the Demon Slayer Corps.
Without a doubt, Nezuko Kamado is a fan favorite. From incredible fan art to impeccable Nezuko cosplay, viewers can't get enough of the adorable demon. But what makes her so lovable? In no particular order, here are ten reasons why she is best girl.

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