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Diesel Brothers Merch T Shirt
Check out these cool builds the bearded and awesome Diesel Brothers came up with.
Made up of Heavy D and Diesel Dave, the Diesel Brothers have earned a reputation for seeing something more than a useless old truck. With their creative vision and hard work, they find a way to upgrade trucks into state-of-the-art machines everyone wants. Their exploits are such a success, in fact, that they even have their own TV show on Discovery.
While the Diesel Brothers crew certainly provides hours of entertainment and inspiration, they do more than build cool trucks. They also give away truck builds they've worked on. The crew sells parts and apparel through their site Diesel Sellerz. All customers have to do is buy from the site, and they get entered into the truck giveaways. Every $5 spent on the site grants buyers 1 entry ticket into the giveaway. Here's a look at the coolest builds the awesome (and generous) team over at the Diesel Brothers came up with.
The F-650 Super Truck might look a little ridiculous, but who can really say they wouldn't want one? Especially if the generous Diesel Brothers crew is giving one away for free. "My mom heard me screaming and yelling after I [had] actually won the truck," says Kasey Bunch, the lucky recipient of the DB's F-650, as per the DieselSellerz blog.

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