Diesel Brothers Merch

Diesel Brothers Merch T Shirt
Legends like the HEMI to the Cummins diesel are now synonymous with the brand, but Mopar has also made a few engines buyers should avoid at all costs.
Did you know the Dodge brothers made engines for brands from all three major manufacturers? They first came to fame making engines for Oldsmobile, which was owned by GM (Oldsmobile met its demise in 2004). The engines were critically acclaimed, and engineers loved them, so it was only natural that Henry Ford asked them to make engines for the Model T when he launched the Ford Motor Company, which is still a powerhouse today and owns a slew of brands. By 1913, the brothers grew frustrated with Ford and decided to launch their own brand, choosing their last name as the namesake.
Dodge was bought out by Chrysler after the brothers' death, and the rest is a history we're sure you're familiar with.
Mopar (Chrysler-owned brands such as Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep, and of course Chrysler themselves) have long been making efficient economy cars and pavement-pounding muscle cars, and some truly iconic engines have powered their unique cars. Legends from the HEMI to the Cummins diesel are almost synonymous with the brand, but Mopar has a few stinkers to that should alert buyers. Here are five of the best engines found in Mopars, and five you should avoid at all costs!

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