Dysfunctional Veterans Merchandise

Dysfunctional Veteran Leave Me Alone Veterans Day Back T Shirt For Men And Women
Last week, someone was feeling edgy and decided to send a bag of penis-shaped candies to Kelly A. Yaede, the mayor of Hamilton Township, New Jersey.

Yaede wasn’t in her offices when the package arrived, and when she heard about it, she told NJ.com she laughed about it.
But by the time she was chuckling, her staff had already asked the Hamilton Township Police Department to find out where the package came from.
It turns out the candy came from Dysfunctional Veterans, a group of veterans with a website that sells, among other things, a bag of penis-shaped candies.
Or, as the group so eloquently puts it, a “bag of dicks.”

The bag of candy, which contains 100 multi-colored units, costs $15 and comes with a card that reads, “A dysfunctional veteran somewhere in the universe would like you to… eat a bag of dicks!”

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