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Elle King hit gold with her 2015 album “Love Stuff.” The hit song “Ex’s & Oh’s” tattooed several Billboard charts, and King toured relentlessly behind the album.
King’s follow-up, “Shake the Spirit,” came out last fall, and she not only avoided the sophomore slump but decimated it with 13 unflinching songs shot off like cannons with a sometimes explosive, sometimes stormy and sometimes sultry voice.

King will be at State Theatre in Portland to perform songs from both albums Tuesday night.
About a month before the album was released, King shared a trailer on YouTube. It was like an audio version of an artist’s statement you would see in a gallery, and left nothing to the imagination. “I was dealing with really intense and major mental issues, but I was so in this moment that I would shake when I would sing,” she said. King also talked about the power of loving yourself and how beauty is often reciprocated when you put it out in the world.
King, 29, is the daughter of the comedian and actor Rob Schneider.

I’ve listened to “Shake the Spirit” at least a dozen times and start to finish, it’s a tremendous record with an often retro vibe. File King’s vocals under rock. But also under roots, blues and even country. She has sass to spare and a knack for penning acutely personal but entirely relatable and catchy songs. Here’s six you should hear – and situations for which they’re particularly well suited.

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