Free John B

Outer Banks John B Chase Pogue Life Unisex T Shirt
In the closing moments of episode 5 things were getting extremely tense as fans waited to see whether John B aka Chase Stokes was going to escape prison.
Some people liked watching him suffer as a prisoner but if you’re team John then you’ll be glad to know that he is finally out of the cell.
Read on to find out how John B gets out of jail and what we took away from Outer Banks season 2 episode 6.
John B was beaten up and placed in the classic orange all in one suit as he was dumped in a cell. After being charged with first-degree murder with a maximum sentence of the death penalty, things weren’t looking good. Kie screams to Ward that he is a murderer before she is held back and silenced.
JJ visits John B in prison and plots “Operation Liberation,” where he tells John B to act as though his appendix will burst so that he will be taken to hospital and JJ can help him escape from there. 
John B starts to act as though his appendix will burst but he is then attacked by an inmate trying to strangle him to death. John B overpowers him and tells Sheriff Shoupe that someone tried to kill him.

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