Giraffe Crocs

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In Kenya's Lake Baringo, a daring rescue is underway.
A group of endangered Rothschild's giraffes is trapped on a shrinking island, as rising waters flood more and more of their habit and wipe out their food sources.

So conservationists from the Kenya Wildlife Service, the Northern Rangelands Trust float, and the nonprofit organization Save Giraffes Now hatched a plan: they would build a barge and ferry the animals to the mainland one by one with the help of local residents.
So far, three giraffes — Asiwa, Pasaka, and Lbarnoti — have made it off the island and been released into a sanctuary in the nearby Ruko Community Wildlife Conservancy. 

"It's heartening to have three safely moved, but we won't rest until the other six are safe at Ruko Conservancy, as well," David O'Connor, president of Save Giraffes Now, said in a press release.

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