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Superstars of the conservative media ecosystem have made a killing selling modern-day snake oil
Last month, after some speculation, it was announced that the longtime chief and architect of Fox News, Roger Ailes, had re-signed with the company for a multi-year contract, and would be jointly reporting to Rupert Murdoch and his sons, Lachlan and James. It has previously been reported that the Murdoch sons are not fans of the right-wing network, which led to some hope on the left that they would, after taking over, come in and sweep the floors. Unfortunately, it seems Ailes will be promoting misinformation and fear for years to come, which is not too surprising -- it would be naive to expect a complete reorganization at a company that has been so profitable for the corporation.
Indeed, there is a lot of profit to be made in the business of right-wing media, which is full of money-making charlatans preying on the ignorance of their followers. For every big-time right-wing media star in America, there seems to be untold amounts of merchandise that goes along with it. Whether it's Bill O’Reilly, with his annual ghostwritten “Killing” books, or Glenn Beck, who has his own clothing company and online store, selling everything from $750 quilts to $195 knives, being a conservative talking head seems to give one the ability to print money. In fact, the further right you go, the more it begins to resemble outright quackery. Whether it's useless and overpriced products or just plain scamming, dedicated conservatives seem to be particularly susceptible to political commodification. The following list looks at some of the most outrageous products and scams that are promoted to the conservative audience.

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