Hocus Pocus Vacuum Cleaner

Broomstick Vacuum Cleaner Come We Fly Hocus Pocus Halloween T Shirt
Halloween is upon us and shopDisney is celebrating the start of the trick-or-treat season with the release of all-new limited-edition dolls inspired by Disney’s 1993 comedy-horror movie Hocus Pocus.
The Hocus Pocus dolls bring to life the bewitching Sanderson sisters, Winifred, Sarah, and Mary. Presented in a scenic display box, each doll features spellbinding details including richly elaborate costumes and fun accessories.
Winifred, the eldest of the sisters, is featured in her opulent green and blue outfit, clutching a broom and a book. Sarah, the youngest of the siblings, is wearing a red dress and a purple cape while wielding a mop and a candle. Lastly, Mary, the middle child, looks comfy in her signature checkered get-up with a vacuum cleaner in tow.

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