Houston Texans Crocs

houston texans personalized crocs clog shoes
The subset of humans out there who love both ranch and clogs will be pleased with this new food-meets-fashion collaboration. Rapper Saweetie partnered with Crocs and Hidden Valley Ranch to create a creamy new clog.
Crocs described the white, green-speckled shoes as their “ranchiest ever.”

“Crocs with a side of ranch, or ranch with a side of Crocs? The answer is both,” the foam clog purveyor wrote of the new shoes. “Our love of Hidden Valley Ranch knows no bounds, so we teamed up to create an inexplicably enticing collaboration with the Hidden Valley Ranch.”
The condiment-inspired clogs are adorned with charms featuring the foods often dipped and doused in ranch – french fries, chickie nuggies, some veggies, and of course pizza.

“Just like Hidden Valley Ranch, these clogs can go with everything if you love them enough,” wrote the company.
Falling head over heels for the ranch-inspired footwear? Enter this drawing for the chance to purchase a pair. The drawing opened on Sept. 16 and will close at 11 a.m. on Sept. 20. Winners will be randomly selected and notified within 12 hours of the drawing’s end.

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