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Inquisitormaster Merch Light Your World T Shirt
Alexandra Jennifer Teran, better known as Alex, is the person behind the successful YouTube channel ‘InquisitorMaster.’ Gaining popularity through her hilarious and exciting ‘Roblox’ videos, Alex now enjoys a massive subscriber base of over 8.7 million people. She regularly makes videos with her group of 10 friends known as “the squad.” Alex and Zachary “Zach” Todd started dating in 2017. Since then, the pair has gained popularity as an iconic YouTube couple.
Zach also has his own YouTube channel ‘ZacharyZaxor’ with a significantly large fan following. Throughout their relationship, the pair have been plagued by numerous rumors and speculations. They also had to tread a rocky path but stayed dedicated to each other. With fans now curious about Zach and Alex’s current relationship status, let’s find out if they are still together, shall we?

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