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In a never-published conversation to support his 2018 Netflix program ‘Norm Macdonald Has a Show,’ the comedian breaks down his ideas on late-night TV, Twitter, Trump, and more
In August of 2018, Norm Macdonald was making the publicity rounds for his new Netflix talk show, Norm Macdonald Has a Show. The last time he’d sat behind a desk was as the anchor of Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” segment in the mid-Nineties, a gig that got him tossed from the iconic sketch show reportedly for making one too many jokes at the expense of O.J. Simpson, longtime buddy of NBC exec Don Ohlmeyer. (Macdonald famously parried the news of the Simpson verdict by declaring, “It’s official! Murder is now legal in the state of California.”)
As a guest on other people’s shows, Macdonald masterfully pushed the boundaries of acceptable network talk-show chatter, with Tolstoyan one-liners, lightning-fast chirps at fellow guests, and repeated insinuations that he was a “deeply closeted homosexual.” He practically created his own subgenre of late-night humor that left hosts scrambling to figure out what the hell was going on. As ever, when he was on TV, Norm was firmly in control — audience, producers, and network overlords be damned. 

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