Re Zero Emilia Manga

While the main ReZERO manga series continues on, The Frozen Bond serves as a side story that was previously aired as an anime movie. The Frozen Bond tells the story of Emilia before the events of ReZERO.

In the first volume, we see her living alone in a tree-style home in Elior Forest. Here, she tends to a couple of people frozen in ice every day. She is accompanied by her spirit familiar whom we’ve all met before… it’s Puck! As she’s cleaning, Puck is alerted that there are some people in the forest nearby. Emilia goes to check it out and discovers that they are bandits hauling some illegal cargo through the woods. Since they won’t turn back, Emilia has to teach them a lesson. After they are defeated, she takes their cargo into the village and sells it off in exchange for food.

It’s here where we learn that the villagers are not too keen on her… especially when they realize that she is a “forest person.” One shopkeeper, though, tends to tolerate her and so a bond between them begins to form… if you can call it that. After she gets back from the village, Puck needs to go away for a bit. Emilia notices fresh tracks in the snow and investigates. The bandits from before are back and they brought a demon beast with them; however, its presence draws the attention of something far more dangerous!

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