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This page contains information on Coryxkenshin’s net worth, biography, age, girlfriend, height, weight, and other facts. In 2022, Coryxkenshin will have a net worth of $15 million. Coryxkenshin, commonly known as Cory DeVante Williams, is a well-known American Youtuber. He is a gaming YouTuber and maker that makes the majority of his money from sponsorship and advertising. CoryxKenshin has an annual salary of $2.28 million. “Five Nights at Freddy’s” and “Mortal Kombat X” are among his most popular YouTube videos.
CoryxKenshin’s YouTube channel receives roughly 54.6 million monthly views and 1.82 million monthly views per day. Aside from YouTube, he is well-known on other social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and his own merchandise store, CoryxKenshin Merch Shop, where he earns money.
Some YouTube channels may potentially make more than $7 every 1,000 video views. As a result, CoryxKenshin may generate roughly $5.9 million in advertising income every year. Aside from his YouTube channel, CoryxKenshin is likely to have additional money streams. He is an influencer who promotes items (merchandise), obtains sponsorships, and earns money through affiliate commissions.
Coryxkenshi is a wealthy YouTuber from the United States who owns a lovely cottage in South Lyon, Michigan’s most gorgeous neighborhood. According to some sources, this magnificent home costs $400,000 to purchase. He has endorsed a variety of gaming and non-gaming products, including ‘ASTRO Gaming, Warner Bros., 7 Eleven, Microsoft Store, The Division 2 Video Game, and many more. ‘Spreadshirt CoryxKenshin Merchandise’ is Cory’s apparel line.

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