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For some, Father’s Day is a day spent celebrating with their dad, but this isn’t the case for all. There are many people who have lost their fathers or are simply distanced (physically or figuratively) from them and for whom this day can be hard, but sometimes finding a community of people in similar situations on the internet can make it better. This has been the case on Reddit where one sweet Father’s Day post has led to a comment section full of people reminiscing about their wonderful dads and praising one dad in particular.
It all started when Redditor CounterStreet shared a couple of images of him and his daughter watching the night sky together. The doting dad shares, “My daughter showed me the rings of Saturn with her telescope this morning for Father's Day.” At 5 years old, his daughter is already pretty knowledgeable about telescopes and the sky. Astronomy has been her obsession since she was 3, and the telescope pictured is “her pride and joy,” according to her dad. She knew she wanted to celebrate her dad, and his nurturing of her passion, so she surprised him with a special view on Father’s Day. With the help of her mom, she set up the telescope, and then located and focused in on both Saturn and Jupiter all on her own.
The sweet post prompted commenters to reminisce about time spent with their fathers, many of whom introduced them, as kids, to passions and hobbies they enjoy to this day. “I bought my first telescope (10″ Dobsonian) when I was 15 and showed my dad Saturns rings as well back then,” one commenter says. “He got me interested in science in general as a kid, as he was a nuclear physicist. I’m 43 now and he still talks about that evening at this day. Great memories for both of us.”

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