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Simple Plan Merch Limited Edition Christmas Icons Hoodie
Is it harder to write pop-punk in your forties than it is in your twenties? Pierre Bouvier, the spiky-haired frontman for Simple Plan, can’t help but get a little self-referential.

“This is sort of a bad joke,” he replies, “but sometimes I feel like life is a nightmare.”
The year might be 2022, but anyone who had a pulse in the early 2000s has likely been feeling some déjà vu. Our contemporary fashions? Noughties realness in the form of pastels and bucket hats. The sounds? Electric guitars and emotional belting, brought to you by acts like PUP and Blink-182’s clingy younger cousin, Machine Gun Kelly. The vibes? Spiritually, they’ve been pretty terrible for at least a couple years now.
That’s where Simple Plan comes in. With their signature blend of energizing guitar riffs, emotional candor, and a twist of wit, the group have established themselves as soothsayers for the frustrated, occasionally naive child inside all of us.
With the release of their sixth studio new album, Harder Than It Looks, the band are touring with Sum 41 this summer—the first shared shows, believe it or not, in the Canadian outfits’ two-decade parallel careers. A European leg will follow in the fall, as the bands reunite for select dates of Sum 41’s Does This Look All Killer No Filler tour.

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