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Soffie Dossi might just be one of the most flexible people in the world. The well-known contortionist has been bending and twisting her body for nearly a decade, and she keeps finding new ways to fold herself into all sorts of shapes and positions. A few years ago, she decided to bring her skills to America’s Got Talent and although she didn’t win, she introduced herself to a wider audience that was in awe of everything she was able to do. She now has a massive following on YouTube, where in addition to showing what she can do, she also explains the basics of contorting your body. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Soffie Dossi.
Sophie developed an interest in contortion after watching YouTube videos when she was just 12-years-old. She quickly became fascinated and started watching more and more videos until she learned how to copy the movies she was seeing. Is this why you shouldn’t let your kids roam the internet unsupervised?
Being a contortionist is what Sophie is best-known for, but she’s also done some acting. However, it doesn’t seem like she is interested in pursuing a full time acting career. According to her page on IMDB, she has five acting credits and has appeared in shows like K.C. Undercover and Boss Cheer.
Let’s be real, seeing people twist and bend their bodies can be a little tough to watch because it looks very painful. But if you’re a little squeamish, that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy Sofie’s YouTube channel. Many of the videos on her channel are vlogs and other fun things that provide a glimpse into her daily life.

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