Young Dolph Merch

Young Dolph Merch T Shirt
Young Dolph was more than a rapper, he was an icon. He inspired tens of thousands of people, no matter the distance from our shared hometown of South Memphis. It was very inspirational seeing someone like Dolph, who I can relate to, make it that far.
It was equally devastating when Dolph was murdered last November while out at a local bakery picking up cookies for his kids. It was around noon when I heard he got shot. I was at McDonald's getting something to eat and had plenty of people calling me. To hear that he was shot was kinda like a joke because that's Dolph… come on. But it was the truth. That day hit harder than any other day because it was Dolph, man; somebody I looked up to, somebody that inspired the world, and he got taken away from his kids, family, and wife just that fast at the age of 36.
I remember my first time hearing about Dolph: I was like 11 years old, and I was all on YouTube looking at his videos. I've always loved music so it gave me a rush. As I started getting older, I could actually understand the meaning and power of what Dolph rapped about. I could relate to the struggles in his lyrics. Growing up in South Memphis wasn't that easy—from getting locked up to experiencing shootouts. Stuff happens when you're actually in the trenches; I'm just glad I made it out.

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