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Young Dolph’s longtime partner Mia Jaye kicked off her Black Men Deserve to Grow Old campaign last year, and it’s gotten a surge of attention in the wake of Dolph’s death.
Per TMZ, Jaye launched the campaign as part of her clothing brand Momeo after her brother fell victim to gun violence, and brand manager William Miller says there’s been a big increase in sales over the past week. Prior to Dolph’s killing in his hometown of Memphis, Momeo was seeing about 20 orders per day, but now sources say there’s been somewhere between 250 to 600 a day.
“What Mia wants everybody to know is that Dolph had a huge part in it,” Miller said. “He was funding the whole thing. It was something he cared about as well.”
The key item receiving interest is a hoodie that pays tribute to Young Dolph, who was shot and killed on Nov. 17 while stopping by Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies. As a result of the increase in sales, the clothing brand is set to boost its philanthropic efforts through the Black Men Deserve to Grow Old campaign. Per Fox 13 Memphis, a third of the proceeds have been going to “three families, chosen by the brand, who experienced the loss of a Black son, father or husband.”

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